Southwest Florida Fishing Report – December


I’m sure this time of year is a little busy for everyone; I know it is for me hence why I haven’t posted anything in a while.  If its not fishing its hunting and if its not hunting its family. This is the time of year most of us fisherman look forward to. The winter […]

Southwest Florida October Fishing Report

Oct 7,2012

October is getting off to great start. The schools of redfish are absolutely everywhere. The fishing has been really productive so far and hopefully it keeps up. We are facing a real big problem here in Charlotte Harbor already when the fishing is heating up. For some reason this time of year is known for […]

Southwest Florida September Fishing Report

Tired Clients

It seems like “Red” October is here except we are only in the middle of September! Here in Charlotte Harbor, the fishing has been phenomenal. There have been a good number of Redfish schools that have moved into our waters. Normally we won’t see this until October but the fish came in early this year. […]

Southwest Florida August Fishing Report

Little Parker

It’s been a while since I have been able to sit down and write some reports. I figured now would be a good time to catch up after an awesome tarpon season. The month of august in Southwest Florida is normally a transitioning month and a awesome month for fishing. What I mean by that […]

Southwest Florida Fishing Report

Triple Snook

Its that time of year again. The time of year where the bait is plentiful and the fish are absolutely everywhere. I must say everything seems to be ahead of schedule. The water temperature is very warm. These are the water temperatures we normally don’t see to mid or late April. This would have to […]

Southwest Florida Fishing Report

Fish with Wings

The fishing the past couple weeks have been pretty productive. The past couple weeks we have also caught some pretty strange fish. The picture above is one of these weird fish that I have never seen before in the shallow waters of Southwest Florida. We actually caught this guy on the Mirrolure Lil’ John. These […]

Southwest Florida Fishing Report

Over Slot

There is nothing like breaking in the New Year with a little fishing. With the current cold front bearing down on us, the fishing has slowed down just a bit. The big schools of mullet have yet again disappeared and went on one of their mini vacations. Now this doesn’t mean you still cant go […]

South West Florida Fishing Report

Two 35 in redfish

This week is going to be a busy one. This coming weekend on Nov 12, we have the championship for the Elite Redfish series in Sarasota, Fl. We are fishing for 20,000 and the championship trophy, be sure to come see us at Marina Jacks. The weigh-in’s start at 3:30 pm. I spent the last […]

South West Florida Fishing Report

Little John

The fishing in SWFL the past week has been off the chain. On one of  my last trips, we caught around 40 Trout and around 25 Redfish. The winter is one of my favorite times to fish besides Tarpon season. In the last week, we have had some strong North East winds which normally push […]

Southwest Florida Fishing Report


Low tide + Sand holes = Fish On! Fishing the past week has been one of the best ones yet. While the fall months bring tides that are lower than normal, the fish start to move into the winter patterns. Instead of the Redfish and Snook being under the mangroves in the cool shade. They […]