Kayak Fishing Tampa Bay


The great fishing of spring has arrived.   The wintertime fishing was OK but I just felt that things were going to explode and have things be a lot better than they had been during the crux of “winter.”   The winds of spring were a frustration for a lot of the month of March but things […]

Kayak Fishing Tampa Bay


January has been basically as good as it possibly could.   The month may close out with a rough front with strong winds and make things tough but a majority of the month of January has been a lot like “March”.  The action has been steady, with a big surge in the redfish activity. Notes:  Fish […]

Tampa Bay Kayak Fishing Report


  An explosion of activity on the flats, the fishing just mostly doesn’t get any better than this.   We are fortunate to have such consistent fishing action in our Tampa Bay area fishery that it is an eye-opener when things become exceptionally special.   The weather?   It has been so warm and pleasant, I almost cringe […]

Kayak Fishing Tampa Bay


The kayak fishing action has been outstanding in October.    The early part of the month was very “summerlike” with less intense sunlight but very warm temperatures. Opportunities were excellent.    Speckled trout action on topwater lures has been pretty easy.    Redfish have gathered in bigger numbers and invaded almost every flat around the Tampa Bay region.   […]

Kayak Fishing Report: Tampa Bay


The thrust of Fall action is here.   There is nothing more exciting than falling water temperatures after another summer of exceptional heat.    The action was great before the days started getting shorter but now things are really getting interesting. The action has been incredible for almost everything we have to offer.   As of this week, […]

Kayak Fishing, Mark Bellotte and “HOW”


The fishing for late summer has been “better than most years” at the same time.    The fishing has actually just flat out been “easy” if you know the right places to go.    The fish went on the move a few times during August but the areas of best results always had mature sardine schools, something […]

Kayak Fishing Tampa Bay


July is an overlooked month among the fishing folks of the Tampa Bay area.  In general, it is a great month to have fantastic action but only if you stick to some very good themes.  Surprisingly, many anglers have had decent action on speckled trout in the late morning hours but playing the odds- the […]

Kayak Fishing Report

Reid discovered the fun of sight fishing from the Native Versa Board.

Battling the incessant winds, kayak fishing has been successful and the right game plan a “must”.   Without question: If the tides are decent, the fishing is going to be very good somewhere.   The latest cold episode shouldn’t change things a great deal and it is exciting to think about the action returning to exactly what […]

Kayak Fishing Tampa Bay


October comes to a close and it was a great month of kayak fishing in the Tampa Bay region.   As mentioned on the Backwaters, Beaches and Bays fishing show every week, the action has been solid for four main species:   Trout, redfish, pompano and flounder.    Other options that have been available are jacks, ladyfish and […]

Fishing Report: Tampa Bay by Kayak


Let it rain some more!  The heavy rains recently kept the fishing out of the Dog Days conditions we often see in late July.    During the hottest time of year, it is my belief  that the more rain, the better the fishing in the Tampa Bay area.  The correlation between rainfall and more active feeding […]