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Breathe Like a Fish – Shirt Review

It’s not very often that I am pleasantly surprised by a product. But, check this review out to hear my thoughts on a much talked about product that has actually exceeded my expectations.

I’ve tried a few different shirts from various companies that were made out of microfiber and for the most part, my opinion of them has been pretty poor. The don’t fit well on a big guy (like myself), the material seems to wear out fast (tons of loose fibers after a short while), and they seemed hot to wear. So, when I went fishing with Kent Hickman from Breath Like a Fish and he offered me a shirt, I was skeptical. I mean, aren’t all microfiber shirts the same? The resounding answer is “No”.

When I first put the shirt on I could feel a difference in the quality from other brands I had tried in the past. I can’t describe it well but it just felt solid and well put together. This was a warm day in early October and I was worried about getting hot in the shirt like with other mocrofiber fishing shirts I had tried but it didn’t take long for me to realize that the Breathe Like a Fish shirt was different. It had vents on the forearm parts of the sleeve as well as along the rib cage. You might think these vents were a gimmick but I assure you that they are not. We had a 5-10kt breeze that day and the slight breeze made it’s way into the shirt and I swear you could feel the air enter the shirt and wrap around your body. Every time a light breeze would blow, you could feel the air wrap around your torso and cool you off. It was sort of a strange feeling at first but a welcomed one as the day went on.

I’ve had three major complaints with previous microfiber shirts in the past. They’re hot, they get loose fibers (nits and picks), and they don’t fit well on big guys (they aren’t flattering to a hefty guy’s form). This shirt by Breathe Like a Fish knocked all those concerns out. I’m on my third wash cycle with the Breathe Like a Fish shirt and it hasn’t shrunk, no nits or picks in the material, the vents (as much as they may seem like a gimmick) work wonderfully to keep you cool on a hot day, and the material is a little thicker than others I have tried which compliments a large man’s form better yet due to the vents keeps you really cool.

One other neat thing about these shirts is that they don’t hold onto a stain. I was holding fish against my body that day and some blood got on it and it washed right out. Kent said that with stubborn stains, he’s found that a little bit of oxyclean will take out any stain you can throw at it but I didn’t even need to use that. The light soiling I got on the shirt came out with a regular wash.

They aren’t the cheapest shirts on the market. But as the old saying does, “you get what you pay for”. This shirt lives up to the billing and you owe it to yourself to check them out. You can get them in the Tampa Bay area at Bett’s Fishing Center or online at


Capt. Clay Eavenson
Capt. Clay Eavenson
Capt. Clay is a Full-Time inshore fishing guide in the Tampa Bay area and Co-Host of B3TV. He specializes in tarpon fishing out of St. Petersburg during the summer months and inshore fishing in the Tarpon Springs and New Port Richey areas the rest of the year.
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