Charlotte Harbor Airboat Fishing

Capt. Greg DeVault and Capt. Tommy Z. slide across the Charlotte Harbor flats in search of inshore slams in this month's episode of B3TV. … [Read More]

Join the Process


This has taken shape since the summer of 2013. We had a lot of concerns about the overall system of resource management and the lack of input sought and utilized by the system. Arguments over decisions changed to pleas for change. Largely ignored for months, I did not let up and pushed to get things […]

Better resource management…and you

A smile like this for Steve, something of the past.   It would be great to have another photo of this man with a snook that size again someday.

Good things come to those who wait. And other things. The interaction with the Florida Wildlife Commission and “the people” from last June through the debacle of the re-opening of snook to harvest was something that raised a lot of eyebrows but also further damaged relations between the people and the governing body. The plea […]

Northeast Florida Fishing Forecast October/November 2014


 It’s time to get a new “doormat”… not to welcome your guests for Thanksgiving but one that swims in our local waters…. I’m talking about big “doormat” flounder. Traditionally November is a great time to target and catch big flounder. A live finger mullet or a big mud minnow rigged on a jighead or fish-finder […]

Fly Fishing Tampa Bay


Fall fly fishing tampa bay is creeping up on us. We are able to target almost any inshore or nearshore species we have with a fly. Many of these fish will be feeding heavily on bait schools or migrating through the area during the next few months. With loads of fish out there and temperatures […]

Catch My Drift


Neil Taylor, Strike Three Kayak Fishing A huge part of efficiency in kayak fishing is the decisions made on utilizing the wind (or current) to create a situation of “less paddling, more fishing.” Think about that theme and decisions you can make to achieve it. Failure to work wind into your plans is a mistake. […]

A Better System


So many years of frustration. Watching things being done where it was as if there was not sufficient input from the on-the-water experts. Well, that was the case. In a development, this will be drastically improved moving forward. Read on and speak up if you or others you know should be connected to this process. […]

Wrightsville Beach, NC Fishing Report/Forecast-Late September to Early October.

Creek Reds 7-14 (400x300)

Well Folks, fall is trying to show and then it gets warm and wet!  A real roller coaster of weather: one day with hot temps, breezy and wet; very next day cool and sunshine!  Hey that’s what gets those fall fish biting so we can’t complain too much.  With that said let’s talk fall fishing! […]

Flounder Fishing the Golden Isles

fl (640x576)

Many anglers flock to the vast marshes and barrier islands of Southeastern Georgia to take advantage of speckled trout, bull redfish, and an amazing summer time tarpon bite, the lowly Southern Flounder pretty much goes unnoticed. The state record is a whopping 16 pounds and the world record Southern Flounder was caught a few inlets […]

Tackle and Cooler Webs


“Marine Suspending Tackle Bag Systems, or Tacklewebs for short, are an innovative new system of storage for fishing vessels.” By Neil Taylor, and Fitting strongly in the category “if you don’t have it, you are going to get some of these”, Tackle Webs and Cooler Webs! Get webbed, get organized… There are innovators […]

Fly Fishing Florida, Fly Fishing Sarasota


Fly Fishing Tampa, Sarasota for big tarpon has finally winding down! It’s been a great season and a busy one! Thank you to all who fished with me for giant tarpon on fly this season! I look forward to next season already. This Month we still have a chance for tarpon on fly as well […]