Charlotte Harbor Airboat Fishing

Capt. Greg DeVault and Capt. Tommy Z. slide across the Charlotte Harbor flats in search of inshore slams in this month's episode of B3TV. … [Read More]



So common in the kayak fishing instruction: “Neil, at the end of the trip, what do I do with my gear?” My answer is straightforward and has been the same for the past ten years. In mos cases “nothing.” The kayaks and all the gear associated with the kayaking part, anchoring etc there isn’t any […]

The Mangroves


If you are like me, you probably associate mangrove stands and shorelines as places to catch redfish at higher tides. Science and a little bit of knowledge will change what you think about these “trees”. Mangroves are an important part of our overall ecosystem but have a tremendous role in the saltwater environment and fisheries. […]

Tying the Knot


One of the first things to learn: Line to leader connection knots and knots for connecting hooks or lures to leaders. One overall theme, find knots you like and learn how to tie them well. Below are a collection of choices for you to consider for mastering these connections. If you would like to connect […]

Northeast Florida December Fishing Forecast…


With water temperatures cooling down this month, look for the inshore fishing to heat up.  For me, the next few months are the most exciting time of year to target reds on the flats and creeks. The weather experts are calling for a cold winter again this year, and as much as I don’t like […]

Wintertime Attire and Fishing


Neil Taylor, Strike Three Kayak Fishing CATCH FISH: STAY DRY, STAY WARM We live in just about the best place in the country for outdoor activities in the winter months and also for stellar fishing action. The long hot summers can be oppressive for daytime anglers. Flip it to the opposite time of year, honestly, […]

Dry Bags


I usually talk about “the merits of the dry bag” in my seminars, particularly for those who are new to the paddling sports. Those who are veterans to paddle sports and water figured out the merits of the dry bag the hard way, are pleased to be alive to talk about it. This one is […]

Topwater Lures


Neil Taylor, Strike Three Kayak Fishing If there is one method of fishing, if I had to choose just one for the rest of my life, that I think would be the obvious choice and I will talk about the reasons why. Having fish attack, slurp or otherwise crash a topwater lure is a visual […]

2015 Daiwa Procyon


New to my charters in 2014, the Procyon spinning reel by Daiwa is one that I will be using for years to come. Redesigned for 2015, the reel takes on an even better “feel” and has enhanced durability. I can tell you that I really enjoy this reel. With the name “Daiwa” on it, it […]

2015 Daiwa Ballistic


In 2012, Daiwa came out with a new series of reels. In the years past, I used Daiwa products and enjoyed the Tierra and Team Daiwa Advantage spinning reels. My choice for reels for my Strike Three Kayak Fishing business was the “Ballistic.” Offered in both a baitcaster and spinning reel option, I am using […]

Fly Fishing Tampa Bay, St Pete, Anna Maria, Homosassa


Fly fishing Tampa Bay, Anna Maria Island, and Homosassa has been great the past few weeks. Cool weather has finally settled in and the sight fishing on fly is heating up. Fly fishing for snook and redfish has been steady. With the winter low tides getting lower and lower, the conditions for fly fishing redfish […]